Monday, September 05, 2011

Sweet, Sweet New Faces

Seriously! I don't think they make kids much cuter than this.
This little guy turned up at the building this evening. 

Andiel is the youngest brother of Kimberly and German.
We seem to be gaining this family one child at a time.
Their mom is a prostitute who works all night and brought her kids to our building to keep them safe.
I still haven't met her.  But she brings the kids food everyday and the kids have obviously been loved.
They are all very helpful and sweet, but desperate for hugs and attention.
If we can keep babies like these safe for even one night we are doing something worthwhile.
If we can show them that there is a God that loves them unconditionally, despite their location then we are making an eternal difference.

Luis Alberto breaks my heart. 
We rarely get to see this smile.
Luis was born in a children's home and has been shuffled from home to home his whole life.
He doesn't open up, when pressed he shares his past in a monotone voice, while showing no emotion whatsoever.
Luis worries me. 
A young adult with no emotion is capable of anything.
But he yearns for the love and acceptance that Breaking Chains offers.
He's left many times, he's been kicked out a couple,
and every time we talk about his inability to open up.
And every time he comes back with a forced smile and his best "I'm open" face on.
God is the only one that is going to be able to break through the thick crust around Luis's heart,
but I know the young man inside is treasured by God and worth any effort we put forth.

Mirna (the lady in the blue) lives in our building, but these other two ladies, Leila and Angelica, are local prostitutes who have started to visit our building on a regular basis.
They are always very made up and overly dramatic about things but they are absolute dolls.
These women are hungry for love and acceptance and they are begining to find that at our ministry.

At Breaking Chains we see a lot of hurt and broken lives, but we have the absolute blessing of being a few of the hands God uses to start putting those pieces back together.

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