Saturday, September 03, 2011

Faces from Jovenes

Jovenes En Camino has a special place in my heart.  It is the boys' home where I spent a good part of my first year in Honduras working.  The kids I met there will forever travel with me in my heart.
This summer most of our teams went out to play with the kids and do some work projects around the campus.
Here are a few precious faces I caught one day while we were there playing soccer.
Merlin came to Jovenes when I was there and was a very VERY angry little boy with very little control over himself or his emotions.  I now see in him a loving spirit and a desire to serve those around him.
Soon after I took this picture Merlin ran off and came back with a bag of FIFTY mangoes for me to take home to my family.

Fredy Cruz is an absolutely adorable whirlwind of activity.
He's impossible not to love.

Selvin still struggles with what to do with our friendship. 
We were very close when I was at Jovenes and he took my leaving pretty hard.
I love this kid and it's a joy to watch him grow up.

Merlin, I love you dear. 
Continue to open your heart up to love others and God will do great things through you.

For more information about Jovenes En Camino visit this website. I know they would love your support.

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