Saturday, September 03, 2011

Delivering Gifts to Guajirre

Some friends in the states sent some gifts for this family over spring break.  It took me a while to get up there but I finally made the trip to Guajirre to deliver them.  It is always a blessing to visit this mountain community and this sweet family specifically. 

This sweet woman is raising her 6 children in a home she allows the church to use for meetings. 

Three of her children are grown and confined to wheelchairs.  But the whole family is all smiles all the time.

This little one is one of the most beautiful little boys I've ever seen.

Excited to have someone new to chat with.

  Giggled the whole time I talked to her

So proud of the new pillows and blankets.
The family was thrilled with everything, but the Mom cried tears of joy over a monetary gift that she said would allow them to buy food for the week. 
She said she had been praying for help.
God uses even my procrastination to fulfill his timing. 

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julia jo said...

Amber, Ashley visits that same family each visit he makes to Honduras. We love Lydia and all her family! He has delivered several PET wheelchairs there including some specialized ones for the siblings. Paola, the daughter-in-law next door, is also very dear to us! Fun to see pictures of faces we recognize. God bless you in all the work you are doing.