Saturday, September 03, 2011

Mi Esperanza Beauty Class

A good friend of mine, Lori Connell, runs an organization called Mi Esperanza.   Mi Esperanza brings HOPE to women, young and old, by giving them educational and financial tools that enable them to change their lives and the future of their children.

One of the educational tools that Mi Esperanza offers is a beauty class.  Each class is asked to put in a certain number of service hours and this summer they held one of their service days at Breaking Chains.

It was so much fun to watch these hardened women sit down to laugh and have their hair and nails done. 

Suprisingly, even though they all made a special trip over, many of them had to be talked into being "made over"  But at the end of the day I saw more shy smiles than I've seen in a long time.

It breaks my heart that they have so little opportunity to feel beautiful.  I know how much I enjoy the chance to dress up and feel pretty, and I only have to take the time to do it.
These girls rarely if ever, get to know that joy.

Little Dayana with her hair straightened and her nails done.  This kiddo usually looks like it's been a month since she's seen a brush so this was a very special day for her.

Thank you Mi Esperanza for bringing light and hope into their dark worlds. 

(We hope to team up with Mi Esperanza in the near future to offer some classes to some of the members of Breaking Chains.  Be on the lookout for opportunities to help us with this endeavor.)

For more information about the Mi Esperanza organization please visit this website.  I know they would love your support.

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Corey said...

I wish I would have been here to see Dayana with straight hair!