Sunday, September 04, 2011

Summer 2011 Interns

Every summer God has provided a great group of kids to help out with our mission teams, and this year was no exception. 
My team of interns had their strengths and weaknesses but they all had a part in making this summer a wonderful experience full of new friendships and service to God.

Elizabeth left Honduras to head to India. 
I've known this sweet girl for many years and she is absolutely a blessing to my life.

Evan was our youngest and newest intern. 
It was his first trip to Honduras and he fell in love with it completely.
I miss his laughter and goofy antics.

Oh Courtney, Rosie's other mother and my right hand girl. 
I couldn't have done this summer without her. 
Courtney is quite possibly the most impressive young person I've ever met.

Leslie has a generous and hilarious spirit. 
She is quick to help and eager to be loved by everyone.
The kids at the homeless ministry really enjoyed using her as a jungle gym.

Despite their faces they really enjoyed the park.
Silly girls.

I've watched Abby grow up from a little girl into a wonderful young woman.
She's a monkey and climbed every tree in the park but she also took the time to show Rosie the wonders of God's world.

Callie started off the summer with her mission team and dad. 
It was really neat to see her in her element.
Callie is a strong young woman who will accomplish anything she puts her mind too.

Lauren and Holly joined us towards the end of the summer.
They both built relationships that will last a lifetime with some of our homeless friends.
It was a joy to watch them find their niche and thrive there.

I miss my house full of crazy girls, and Evan, but I know that God will use these young people wherever they go.  I look forward to seeing where their paths take them and to seeing who God causes to cross my path next.

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