Saturday, November 14, 2009

Around and About Izopo

Simply Beautiful
As I mentioned before, this past week we worked up in Izopo helping them develop ways to get better production on their corn.  Everyone involved thinks it was a very successful trip.  Since I haven't blogged all week and I took a bunch of pictures you guys are about to get a whole truck load of blogs all at once (provided the internet cooperates).  As I was going through deciding what pictures to use I came up with so many that they are now divided into categories rather than days.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them. 

The puppies weren't real sure what to think about this week but they definitely enjoyed the freedom of running around in Izopo.  This is Toby playing soccer with all the boys in their rubber boots.  They are impressive players especially considering their footware. 

Molly was so good with the kids.  She did some pretty impressive sketches of their precious faces and really made an effort to connect with them.  They responded with all the love they have.

Darwin helping the kids fix the kite.  This was a very short lived activity due to some gale force winds that were blowing that day.  Side note: Darwin was amazing this week finding ways to help out.  The amount he's grown up over the past year continues to suprise me on a regular basis.

Bubbles!!! Nancy once again charming crowds of shy quiet kids into screaming, laughing, bundles of joy.

Doug and Jim utilizing Doug's spanish skills to make some new friends.

Washing clothes by hand.  Such a beautiful picture of an incredibly hard job.

The result of a day's work.

Another beautiful Izopo picture as we walked down the road to see some more corn.

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