Saturday, November 14, 2009


Last night several of us stayed the night in Izopo and "camped" in the church building.  It was our second time to stay the night and as expected it was lots of fun.  About 30 people, maybe more, stayed and sat around the camp fire singing and laughing and roasting marshmellows. 

Here comes the fire wood.

This is William.  He was hilarious.  I was working on turning these very large sticks into something we could use to cook hotdogs.  I'd been working on the same stick for about 20 minutes when 8 year old William came up and took the knife.  "Can I help you" he asked and proceeded to turn the 10 sticks into viable weapons in about 15 minutes. 

Here's a few pics around the fire but they didn't really turn out so I put the camera away.

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