Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Exciting News and the 2012 Saga

Really pretty rainbow on the mountain.  Everyone was EXTREMELY insistant at the stadium that I take a picture of it, which I thought was really cute.
Last night we had quite the adventure trying to see the movie 2012, but first off some exciting news.  The realtor for the building I would like for Breaking Chains has negotiated us down to $600 a month rent (down from $1000) for a year with the option to buy at any time.  I have also gotten approval from Park Plaza to begin fund raising.  Both of these things are huge!  I really feel like God is working in this situation. 

Hector and Jessica, a couple that rarely comes together but have been a couple for longer than most that we meet.
Today we are going to check out Doctors Without Borders, which I recently found out is working in the area.  I'm hoping they have some more information on existing programs and what needs need to be addressed most urgently. 

Brian, this is the kid from Jovenes that I mentioned a few days ago.  He's a sweetheart.
Last night went well.  We had mostly regulars and Alli and Tess came along to help.  They've been joining us a lot lately.  It makes things so much easier when there are more than just Darwin and I there because we can spend a lot more time talking to people and loving on them. 

Armando, Jorge and a kid whose name I always forget.  They aren't nearly as tough as they look in this picture.
Since it was Tuesday, half price movie day, we decided to go see 2012 once we finished feeding.  We raced around and made it to Metro Mall just in time for the 6:40 showing.  The line to get into the movie was turned back on itself about 4 times and we still hadn't bought our tickets so we decided to try another theater with an 8:10 showing.  We didn't want to pay to see a movie and miss half of it.  So we drove all the way across town to Multiplaza Mall.  Alli, Tess, and Darwin headed to the food court to get some dinner and I ran upstairs to get our tickets.  The 8:10 showing was already sold out at 7:15!!!

Sweet Michelle waiting for her food.
The next showing was at 9:35.  So after some debate we decided to get tickets for the late show.  We got in line at 8:15 and were already out the door and at the top of the stairs.  I have no idea what time the people at the front of the line got there but it was insane.  The movie was almost 3 hours long and was showing in 4 of the 6 theaters but it still had an insane number of people to see it.  I've not seen anything like it before in Honduras.  It was a good movie.  Darwin LOVED it. 

Noe showing off for the camera.
I probably wouldn't recommend waiting around for 3 hours to see it but we enjoyed it.  So last night was a late, late night but we had fun laughing and waiting around for the excitement.  Today after we check things out downtown we're going to spend some time with the kiddos up in Mogote.  I'm sure I'll have pictures to share.

And finally Josue, so so lovable.

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Jeanette said...

Yes that is really insane! I haven't even heard of it but that is what I get for not having a t.v. i suppose