Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Great Night!

Tonight feeding the homeless was an all around great experience.  No fights, lots of hugs, and a precious baby.  It doesn't take much to leave me beaming.
This is Josue David.  Turns out Wender had a baby before he and Ana got together and this is him.  This week Josue's mom just dropped him off with Wender so now Wender and Ana are raising him.  He is such a happy healthy baby, it didn't take me long to fall in love.  Wender and Ana's baby Marlen is living with Wender's mom and they promised to try and bring her next week to visit.  I would love to see her now that she's a little bigger.  I think she's about 10 months old now.
Another young man walked up tonight as we were feeding and I thought I recognized him but chalked it up to being a kid that had come by a few times, nothing more.  About 15 minutes later he came back by and asked me if I used to work at Jovenes en Camino.  This was a kid that had lived at Jovenes for a short time when I was working there 5 years ago, and he recognized me.  I was amazed.  It was really neat to talk to him and I hope I get to see him again soon.
And finally tonight Roberto (another Roberto) came by with a pretty nasty cut on his face.  He had been in a fight and gotten stitches but his face was still pretty messed up and needed some attention.  Let me tell you a little bit about Roberto.  Roberto only has one leg but he has a chip on his shoulder big enough to make up for the other leg.  He is ready to fight at a moments notice and no one messes with him, ever.  He once threw a plate of food at our car as we drove off because we wouldn't give him another one for the road.  This kid is not someone that gets touched very often.  So he waited over on the opposite curb for us to finish up handing out food.  When I went over to clean up his face he began to lay down on the curb.  I had a moment of panic as I thought he was going to put his head on my lap then breathed a sigh of relief as he laid his head down on the curb beside me.  I proceeded to gently clean his face and he began to fall asleep!!  I feel so honored that he was able to let down his guard enough to be in such a vunerable position as I cleaned the cuts on his face and hands.  Afterwards we sat and talked for a little while about keeping his cuts clean and getting his stitches out on time.  Little by little he is coming around.  I pray that he is beginning to see and feel God's love through these short moments of attention.

This is an old picture of Roberto in front of the abandoned building where he sleeps.

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