Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Busy Day in Black and White

One of my favorite pictures in a long time.  This is one of Darwin's cousins outside their house

Walking the puppies around town.  The kids had a blast.

This baby has the strangest name I've ever tried to pronounce but she's really cute :).

Sweet, bare, baby feet.

Steven LOVED Tasha.

Selvin LOVED getting his picture taken :).

Playing Pictureka.

They're not all black and white :)

Isn't Raquel Beautiful?  Definitely my favorite little old lady.

So Serious, So Distinguished

Darwin and his girlfriend Seylin, they were NOT thrilled with Mom's camera

Packed Church.

Packed Bible Class. 
We had 35 tonight.  They've almost reached their goal of 40.

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Jeanette said...

I think i love the first pic most... and maybe the old man then the old woman... we need to make a hanging collage with your best pics for MY house