Tuesday, November 10, 2009

North Central Corn Brigade Arrives :)

Today 4 members from North Central Church of Christ arrived.  They joined Glenn Davis from TN (I think) who arrived yesterday.  Together they will be continuing a project started last year to help improve corn production in Izopo in order to help the people of Izopo.  Today was arrival day so we spent the day shopping for necessities then they joined me at the homeless feeding.  Alli and Tess were also with us.  They have taken a year off before college and are devoting that time to missions.  Currently they are teaching computers and English in Mateo.

Darwin was taking pics from on top of the car but this is Doug, Jim, me, Nancy, Molly, and Claudi.

Alli and Tess entertaining some of the kids.  They did a great job finding something to do when we had an overabundance of people.

This is just a cute pic of Hector, one of the kids that always comes. 
Afterwards we went to Casa Mexicana for dinner.  It was delicious and a lot of fun.  Now I'm probably going to head to bed because tomorrow is going to be a long day that starts early. 

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