Saturday, November 21, 2009

Time with some sisters and brothers from church

Just a cute pic of Luis
As I've mentioned before some of the ladies at church are making foods to sell as a fundraiser after church occasionally.  I usually miss out on these announcements because I'm in Bible Class and by the time I run the last kid out of the door most of the adults are usually gone.  But on Wednesday night after church Fatima (13) and Midian (10) come running up to me begging me to come to their house on Friday and make tamales.  I tell them I'm not sure what I"m doing on Friday but I'll try.  They are not detered and run over to their mom to get her in on the action and another adult Griselda who is also going to be there.  So I end up promising I will come and we talk about the whens and wheres.  I even told them I would have to bring the puppies because I didn't want to leave them home alone all day.  I leave thinking this is a pretty done deal, I'm going to their house to make tamales on Friday. 

So after Darwin's dentist appointment on Friday we show up (around 11) ready to work.  And the first thing Yoli (Mom) says, "Oh, I wish I knew you were coming, I would have called you.  We're not making tamales today."  WHAT!!! We talked for a good half hour about me coming.  It was definitely a "welcome to Honduras" moment.  Turns out they couldn't find the pots and pans they needed to make tamales, which I have, had they called, so they just called it off.  No big deal though.  Yoli decided to make and sell donuts around her house instead.  So we stayed for a while and had a delicious fried chicken lunch, where I consumed way more rice than I normally would, and helped make donuts.  It was fun to watch them cooking over the fire and seeing the kids running around with the puppies.  We had a great day talking about church and our families and eating fresh fruit off of their fruit trees.

Midian and Toby

Luis and Tasha

Midian climbing a tree for fruit

Fatima, Rachel's bible class helper, cooking donuts.

Toby on the couch.  Notice the red paint on his ear.  Elvis, dad, was painting the house and Toby got a little too close.

I find these little wood stoves really neat.

Friday night at church my Bible class reached their goal of 40 kids, 41 kids actually.  They kept me on my toes.  One more time and they win their pizza, movie and popcorn night.  The great part of the night was that even though there were masses of kids, about 3/4 of them new their memory verse.  Even a bunch of kids that weren't there on Wednesday learned the verse from siblings or friends. I'm so excited that our classes is not just growing in numbers but in knowledge of God's Word as well. 

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