Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Jon and Emily

(I stole this pic from their facebook because strangely I have no pictures of them)
Our good friends Jon and Emily Odom moved back to the states last Saturday.  I was definitely sad to see them go.  Regular friends are hard to come by here.  We had lots of good times playing Trivial Pursuit and being trounced by the boys (thanks to Jon's crazy random knowledge and a WHOLE lot of luck) and enjoying good food and laughs.  When they left they brought over some stuff that they weren't able to take with them.  Here are a few of the highlights (I know you're interested :) ). 

Nice little bookshelf that hasn't quite been filled yet but is a great place for all the miscellainia I've acquired for the puppies.

Great set of drawers.  You have no idea how much this has helped my silverware drawer out.

And now for my two favorite acquisitions:

A cake pan with a lid :)

And this wonderful bowl.  I think I might have a bowl fetish.  I love big bowls!!!
Thanks Jon and Emily for the great friendship and all the nice additions to my house.  Most of the pots and a few other things are headed to the kitchen at church.  I hope to see you guys again soon. 

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Jamie S said...

That reminds me of a song: "I Love Big Bowls and I Cannot Lie". And what in the world do the puppies do with that gigantic blue ball????