Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Doctor's Without Borders

I don't have any pictures from yesterday but it was an interesting enough day that I thought I had better blog it.  Last week I met with some people from Doctors without Borders and set up a site tour for yesterday.  We got up really early in the morning because I had parent teacher conferences first then we headed over to the clinic to make sure Darwin's healing tooth was still on the right path.  Then we headed over to Doctors Without Borders which is very near the park where we hand out food.  I was given a tour of their facility then spent about 45 minutes talking to their social worker in charge of public relations (David).  It was a great conversation.  I learned a lot about the people we have been serving and will continue to serve with the Breaking Chains facility.  David told me that they have about 250 people visit them regularly and 850 people registered with the program.  That means there is a HUGE number of people that we can help them reach.  Doctors without Borders in Honduras was set up to be a 5 year program and they've been in existence for 7 already, for that reason, and funding they are planning on closing their doors at the end of the next two years.  They are also ending their feeding program at the end of this year.  We talked a lot about partnering and helping make that transition easier.  Right now they provide medical treatment, counseling, shower and laundry facilities, and recreational activities.  They told me that there is only one program in the area, and possibly in Tegucigalpa that serves this population outside of the morning and early afternoon hours.  That existing program only serves children under the age of 18.  They talked at length about the need for a safe place for them to go in the evening times and offered to come do medical treatment, provide referrals, and do basic health talks at our facility.  I'm excited to have a partnership with a program that already knows the ropes and is more than willing to share advice.  God is definitely working in this as we continue to move forward.
Last night we headed out to feed as usual and it took us TWO HOURS to get where we were going.  It was insane.  There was a political rally at the stadium that was causing horrible traffic.  We ended up just going to La Chimbomba and the park but it was a good night.  We got to spend some extra time at those two places and develop our friendships a little bit more.
Afterwards, Alli and Tess came over and we had homemade chicken noodle soup, which I love and just hung out.  It's always nice to have friends over. 


Candice said...

I am thankfull for you Amber you have helped me in so many ways I love you... momma

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