Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Just one of the many things I love about Hondurans:
Today I was trying to get ahold of an acquaintance from Izopo who I hadn't called in a long time.  So I make the call and it's not the guy I'm looking for at all.  The guy that answered was so nice and accomodating, he kept calling me angel and my love and apologizing for not being who I was looking for (without being nearly as creepy as that sounds as I reread it).  Let me tell you I am less than pleased with wrong numbers, it's a problem :).  So I was very impressed with this kind man on the other end of the line.

Cute Story:
A few weeks ago I issued a challenge to my Bible class, if they could invite enough friends to have 40 kids in our class two weeks in a row we would have a big pizza party and watch a movie.  This isn't nearly as unattainable as it sounds.  We regularly have close to 30 kids.  And then I said if they were able to get 80 kids in our class two weeks in a row we would rent a bus and go to the national park for the day.  They are SOOO excited to go to the park.  It's adorable.  Anyway that's all lead in to the actual story.  Tonight Selvin was asking me about the trip to the park and said, "What if we only have 80 kids once, and 50 kids the second time?" I begin to smile and he gets down on his knees, looks up at me sweetly and said, "Couldn't you have grace on us?"  It was adorable and hilarious.  He is such an ornery lovable kid.

And then there's these two.  Aren't they precious.  This is Mariela and Alejandra.  Mariela and her mom and Alejandra and her two older sisters walk an hour to come to church.  I am so impressed with Alejandra's oldest sister.  Every time we have church service this 19 year old girl brings her 12 yr old and 5 yr old little sisters the 1 hour walk to church and then they pay a taxi half the way home and walk the rest in the dark.  They are such a neat family.  Nicol, the 12 yr old, is the smartest kid in my class and always knows her memory verse and often teaches it to Alejandra.  They are just a precious, precious family. 

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