Monday, November 02, 2009

Some days are like that, even in Honduras....

What could this picture mean?  What is this a picture of?  Oh, just wait and see.  It has been quite the bust of a weekend.  Saturday morning I woke up feeling fine but then a couple of hours later some intense nausea hit me and stayed around all day.  So most of Saturday was spend sleeping except for stumbling around every once in a while to cook the food for Breaking Chains.  When we finally headed out to feed it was POURING down rain and I was still feeling pretty sick, but it was just Darwin and I so I pulled up my boot straps and headed out.  At the stadium it wasn't too bad because we could stay out of the rain at the bus stop but at La Chimbomba we are basically standing in the rain handing out food.  But the people came.  Rain doesn't stop hunger so we handed out almost all of the food there then headed down to the park.  Darwin finished up at the park for me because I was pretty well done by then.  He was such a helpful kid on Saturday.  I went home and immediately went to bed for the night.  Leaving Darwin in charge of the puppies, cue ominous music....
So Sunday morning I got up quite early since I'd been sleeping for the past 24 hours and surveyed by house.  Oh my goodness, I had slept in Darwin's room because it's a lot darker than mine and Darwin had slept in my room with the puppies.  The puppies had pooped and peed IN MY BED.  There was pee all over my house.  So most of Sunday morning was spent cleaning house and washing linens. 
I've been debating whether or not I have lice for over a week, but I tend to be a little paranoid about it so I let it go.  I finally decided since I had to wash all my bedding anyway I would go ahead and treat just in case.  Cue ominous music once again and refer to the above picture.  Lice shampoo here comes in these tiny tiny packages that are impossible to open.  I needed 5 of them for my hair.  So I'm in the kitchen, don't ask me why I'm in the kitchen I have no idea, putting lice shampoo 1 package at a time onto my head.  I can't find the scissors so I'm using this lovely knife to cut them open.  Well on package number 4 the knife slips and I stab myself in the finger down to the bone.  Initially I am running on adrenaline.  Darwin is outside washing the car so I call him in and he thinks I've cut my hand off.  I tend to be a little over dramatic.  So while I'm holding pressure on my finger he puts the rest of the lice shampoo into my hair, such a good kid.  Then the adrenaline wears off as does Darwin's patience with his crazy mother.  I sit down in a chair because waves of nausea are once again washing over me and I'm thinking I might pass out.  Darwin goes back to washing the car, he can't handle the fact that his mother is such a wimp.  I then proceed to lay flat out in the middle of the living room floor with lice shampoo all over my head for about 20 minutes until my equilibrium comes back.  Then I have to figure out how to wash all this junk out of my hair without using my left hand, but I get it done and move on. 

I realize this is a pathetic picture of a pathetic wound but I'm pretty pathetic when it comes to pain.  I don't do pain at all.  If I'm ever in a torture situation I will probably fold pretty early on. :)
So from there we proceed to grocery shopping, food levels in this house were at critical level on Friday before I got sick.  Roving teenager pretty much wiped out any remaining food, so we stocked up and are good to go now for a while.  I came home put away groceries and then remembered I hadn't listen to Mitch's sermon from Park Plaza yet.  This has become one of my favorite weekly activities so I sat down to do that between keeping the laundry going and getting ready for church.  By the time I finished with that it was time to head out to church. 

This is a picture of the rain coming across the mountains towards the church building. 
I love watching it come towards us.
On the way to church Darwin turned on the headlights and smoke began to fill our truck.  I'm telling you this was a crazy day.  So we open up the hood to see what's going on and all is normal.  Turns out the issue is in the dashboard.  So we turn the lights off, it's light outside, I don't know why he turned the lights on in the first place but I'm glad he did so we could fix it in the daylight.  Do you like that we?  "We" fixed it.  I sat there and offered encouragement once we got to the church building while Darwin switched some wires around and got our headlights working without smoke.  Diego is at the shop right now getting fixed so that it doesn't happen again. 

Then that rain from the above picture arrived.  This is a bad picture but it gives you some idea of the road conditions we drove home in.  Basically it was a river. 
But never one to end on a bad note, we had a delicious dinner last night with Will and Rachel at Chili's and here are a couple of cute pics to leave you with a smile.

This is Kimberly.  She just started coming to bible class with a couple of her friends.  Kimberly can't read and I'm wondering if it's just because she can't see well, she's a little crosseyed, or if she has a learning disability.  She's definitely a little socially awkward but an absolute sweetheart.  I'm going to try and find out some more about her situation to see if we can help her out. 

Look at these hilarious ears!!! They should be standing completely up soon. 
P.S. Today is already going much, much better.
P.P.S. Does anyone know what children's book the title line is from?  Clue: Originally it is even in Australia :)

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Jeanette said...

So many things to say...
apparently lice only occurs in tiny proportions in Honduras and having to use a knife is prob. why you were in the kitchen, just sorta stuck around I'm sure.
What is wrong with Darwin? I mean teenager I get but did HE not notice that dogs were pooping and peeing next to him in bed, I'd think even a teenage boy would think that was gross!
Cutting to the bone, does NOT make you a wimp. Once I sliced my hand and had to stay home from school I was so nauseous, I'm proud you weren't out for the whole day!
I remember traveling out of Magote under similarily riverish conditions. I remember someone saying that we could always turn off the car and float home... next time, try that ;)