Friday, November 20, 2009

This is a blatant scam to get people to post on my wall....

Hello Everyone!!!
I've tried subtle hints and quizzes to get people to post comments on my wall and some of you are my favorites...but for the sheer number of people that say they read my blog and comment on my blog in person I'd like some more comments.  I've been known to squeal out loud when I see that I have a comment on a blog post, that's before I've even read anything.  I love to blog and will continue to do it regardless but I also love to hear from all of you and would love your input.  I feel like my blog is becoming a little redundant, which is okay with me but not great for continued readership so here's where you come in.  Several of my friends do theme days like Funny Story Friday (Allison) and Family Photo Friday (Ann) (I guess Friday is a good theme day) and I'm considering doing one or more myself.  Things I've considered doing:
Profiling a homeless person
Profiling a church family
Funny stories
Special Cooking days
Theological, biblical days (though I sometimes worry that I'm going to frighten some of you off :) )
Where did I see Jesus today/this week

Well there's a few of my ideas.  I want to hear your ideas.  I want to know what you'd like to read about.  This will also help me not trickle off with my blogging as I've been known to do.  I have a couple of posts that I plan to do tonight or tomorrow morning but for now I"m awaiting your comments with great anticipation.  Love you guys!!!!


Alyson said...

Any of those sound great. I do have to warn you that it becomes difficult after a while to think of funny stories... :)

My friend, Jen, does "10 Things Thursday" and it's a list of any 10 things she wants to write about. (Like 10 things I love about Honduras, or 10 ways I saw Jesus today, or 10 things I miss about the USA.) It's a fun one because it's very versatile!

Amber said...

That's a really good idea too!!! I'm really enjoying people's ideas.

Gary said...

We love reading whatever you write! Keep up the good work! We love you!

Holly said...

I love your blog!! I like everything you write, especially stories about lice and various Honduran disasters.

sylvia said...

Well I do read and love your comment's.... but I did laugh out loud at the last comment left for you by Holly. I liked the "where did I see Jesus" idea but I will read whatever you post cause I love you. Momma