Saturday, November 14, 2009

Precious Faces

Just some of the many beautiful children that live in Izopo.  It was definitely hard to pick my favorite, as evidenced by the many I chose :).

Darleen, one of my favorite little girls.  I've known her since she was little bitty.

Nahum, such a precious smile.

I think this little girl's name is Marisol, she is really quiet but so sweet.  She, Darleen, Mayleen, and William all spent the night with us when we camped.

So adorable.

And finally our precious hula hoop champ :)


Molly said...

Great photos! The girl you called Marisol told me her name was Giareli or Tatiana or both, I think.

Amber said...

I'm pretty sure she tells me a different name everytime I ask her. Funny kid.