Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sunday at the Circus

Sunday was a good day.  I spent the morning relaxing and recuperating from Saturday's craziness then Darwin and I went to lunch at the mall.  Initially we had decided to get crepes, very healthy and delicious, at this really neat little restaurant that we both love, but then we decided not to because it's fairly expensive and takes a REALLY long time.  So instead we head upstairs to the food court.  Darwin decides to get Honduran food which is not my idea of a yummy lunch (please quiet your boo's and judgements of my cultural inadequacy) so I head over to KFC.  I don't know why I continue to eat at KFC, especially in the mall, it's not very good and it's DEFINITELY not healthy.  I probably only eat there every couple of months, if that, but every time I do I'm disappointed.  Sorry KFC fans out there.  Their french fries are amazing though.  

Anyway, after that we picked up Alli and Tess and headed to church.  I had 28 kids in my class, which was less than I had expected but definitely plenty.  Church ran long because they are planning a church wide all night "vigilia" (basically a lock in but for the whole church) on December 19th.  Everyone is really excited and it should be a great success.

On the way home we passed a circus and since Tess had never been to the circus and it was just about to start, we decided to go.  The Honduran circus never disappoints.  It was mostly clowns and it was a little sketchy but we had lots of fun.  Here are some of the highlights from the evening.  (Please forgive the photography it was dark and I couldnt' use the flash.)

The entire bleachers were made of wood planks tied together that would shift everytime you wiggled.  That was a little nerve wracking.

The circus was mostly clowns but they were pretty funny.

The hula hoop girl wasn't super impressive.  I know a kid in Izopo who could teach her a thing or two.

No suprise, I fell in love with this adorable little boy

Here he is selling us some lechas (fruit).

Darwin and the girls during intermission

Me and the girls during intermission

Another clown, this guy played several instruments and was really pretty funny.  He kind of reminded me of Jack Black.

This old man was really impressive on the tight rope.

This, ladies and gentleman, is a trained french poodle.  I have my doubts on his pedigree :)

And if you've ever been to a Honduran circus you know that the "living worm" is a staple.

At the very end they had some kids get up made them do some tricks and dance to win tickets to come back to the circus.  It was probably the funniest part of the whole night. 

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