Monday, September 07, 2009

Another Beautiful Baby and Brussel Sprouts!!

This beautiful tiny baby was born a month early about 9 days ago. His momma and grandma are raising him alone in a shack down by the stadium but he has a better chance at a good life than most of the kids there. This baby´s momma is not doing drugs and is doing her best to provide for him. His grandma Ruth (who is very shy about being photographed) brought him up to see me. I spent a good portion of the night tonight explaining to her that breastmilk or baby milk is necessary not regular powdered milk. I hope to be able to help them start out right with this beautiful baby boy. Please pray for grace and love in this inspiring new life.

We had a great night at the stadium. Everyone was very excited to take pictures and give us hugs. Please pray for Marvin, an old friend from the stadium, who has recently been severely beaten and is now extemely mentally handicapped. The others at the stadium are all very worried about him and it is heart warming to see how they care for him.

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I almost forgot. I had two AMAZING finds today. First I found food coloring, hard to find and really expensive normally and then hidden in the dusty back corner in the unused freezer section I found BRUSSEL SPROUTS!!!! I have a love affair with brussel sprouts so this was an awesome find. We also looked at a lot of puppies today and hopefully we will pick one tomorrow. I´m looking at a black lab, possibly a yellow lab tomorrow (my first choice) and something that they are calling a Terri, no idea what that is but it´s a small dog which my be better for my yardless house. It was an AWESOME day.

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