Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm so proud

Well today I found out that both Lucy and I are fighting infections but we are on antibiotics and sure to heal soon. Tonight was wonderful. 7 boys from the youth came over to help us with handing out food. I was pretty much out of commission as far as the labor side of things so they jumped in with Darwin at their lead and got things done. When I told Darwin it was time to go he said, "okay, just give me 5 minutes." The next thing I know, all the boys are sitting around in Darwin's room praying for safety and blessings on the people at the stadium. All of the boys really look to Darwin for leadership and it's so neat to watch him shine in that role.
Feeding went really well. Josue brought kitten and they had a great time trying to get Lucy and the kitten to play together. I also saw Freddy and Jasmine a couple I love dearly, who I hadn't seen in a while. Freddy is the kid that always calls me "hungry" and as we were feeding down at La Chimbomba I heard, "Hungry!, Hungry!" I was so so happy to see them.
Afterwards we all went out for pizza and the boys went to play soccer at Baxter. It has definitely been a successful night.

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Holly said...

Very great story about Darwin! How exciting to see him growing and maturing in the Lord.