Monday, September 28, 2009

It's a Good Thing I Love Her

Yesterday was full of ups and downs, Darwin went up to Mogote to take his girlfriend and her mom to visit her dad's grave (long story) and decided it would be funny to call and pretend to be someone else He acted like he'd been in a bad car wreck then laughed about it preceeding a HUGE fight between him and I. From there I ended up going to feed lunch at the stadium by myself. It was the first time I had ever gone by myself and I was so proud of everyone there. Two of the guys jumped in immediately and stayed the whole time helping me serve the food. I was nice to spend a longer period of time talking to them and getting their take on the political situation. It was a great afternoon.
We didn't go to church because of the threat of a curfew. I am very hesitant to be out after dark with the way things are politically. Late yesterday there were several suprising and concerning statements made by both sides of this standoff. The current president Micheletti issued an ultimatum, telling the Brazilian embassy they had 10 days to turn Mel Zelaya over to the authorities or remove him from the country. Nothing definitive was said about what is going to happen at the end of the 10 days. Micheletti also said that they were revoking several constitutional rights, such as freedom of speech and freedom to congregate. Some of things the current government is doing are very scary. Taking away constitional rights, no matter how you justify it, is not going to gain Honduras any friends in the international community. I just found out that Congress is not going to allow the decree revoking constitutional rights to stand which is definitely a good thing for the future of this country. On Mel's side yesterday he was calling for all of his supporters to come to the city for a final stand for justice. No one really new what that meant but we were definitely prepared for a lot of demonstrating and possibly violence today.
Today we waited around in the morning to see what would happen and were pleasantly suprised that there were no protests today. It could be the calm before the storm or possibly people are just ready to get on with their lives, or afraid of the governmental degree against congregating. It's yet to be seen. When we realized that things were going to stay pretty calm today we decided to go out for lunch for a change at our favorite restaurant, Chili's!!, then take Lucy for a checkup at the vet. Poor girl, she is definitely improving but still has a long way to go. She still has a pretty bad cough and several other symptoms including not eating very much at all. The vet checked her over and extended all of her prescriptions and said she should probably wear a sweater in the evening times to help her cough. I have no idea if this is really going to help or if this is just a part of the Honduran obsession with bundling up sick people but we got her a sweater. She hates it. Luckily she doesn't try to take it off but she walks around like she's horribly embarrassed. It's really kind of funny. She has another checkup on Saturday and the vet really thinks she should be better by then. She's really been a lot more of a handful than I had anticipated so it's a good thing I love her :).

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Holly said...

Your dog is absolutely adorable. That sweater is just too much. Abbie HATES sweaters and refuses to wear them. She runs around like she is crazy when they are on, which isn't too much different than normal.

Praying as always, and glad you are safe.