Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A long day

I woke up this morning not feeling great. Not anything specific, just not great, so Lucy and I's walk was kept pretty short but it was nice just the same. Then I was woken up from my post walk doze on the coach at 8 by Roberto, a good friend from the stadium, calling. He had been hit by a car at about 11 last night and spent the night in the hospital. So Darwin and I ran out to Diego, who does NOT like to start in the mornings, especially if you're in a hurry, and spent the next 30 minutes cleaning the battery and getting the car to start. I really need to just go buy another battery but that's a chore for another day. This is an old Pic of Roberto with Jon and Rachel, some med students that worked at Baxter earlier this year.

So we finally get to the hospital, drive around for 30 minutes to find a place to park and end up parking in a field across the street, and walk to the emergency room entrance. Well we can't get into the emergency room entrance we have to go to gate number 1, of course, gate number 1 is on the opposite side of the hospital, here we go. Five gates and a lot of direction asking later we are told we can come back at 3. After wheedling and begging for another 10 minutes we finally get in the gate and are sent to the 5th floor. Let me tell you, the 5th floor in Honduras is actually the 6th floor, ground floor plus 5 and there are NO elevators, AND all the stairs are a different size (don't ask me why). Sooo we climb up to the 6th floor, sans air conditioning sweating like hogs. Nope no Roberto here, try the 2nd floor (actually the 3rd floor). So we head down to the 2nd floor, no no Roberto here, let me make some calls to find out, ground floor recovery alright here we go. Nope not there either, at this point you could have wrung my shirt out into a cup. he must still be in emergency (remember we started there at the gate). Oh yeah he's here, but you can't come in. WHAT! okay more wheedling, only one at a time, Darwin goes in and finds him and talks to the doc who sends him back for me. The security guard could care less what the doc said, neither one of us are going in now. Are you kidding me?! Heated words exchanged, money offered, finally I get in. Thankfully Roberto is doing well and very happy to see me. We get the plates and pins he needs to repair his ankle ordered and surgery scheduled for Friday and head on our way. Many prayers of thanks went up for Roberto's safety. He often comes to church with us and is a blessing to be around.

Then we headed to the mall to get ready for bible class and have some lunch before we went out to Jovenes. That went smoothly. :)

Then we headed out to Jovenes with Lucy. The kids loved her. They spent the whole afternoon chasing her around and trying to feed her grass. It was adorable. Genius that I am today, I brought my camera but forgot to grab the battery off of the charger so unfortunately no cute pics. It was really good to see all the little guys, but due to overcrowding and some serious behavioural issues a lot of my older boys, that I took care of when I lived at Jovenes, have gone to live elsewhere, either home or other centers. It's definitely for the best for the remaining kids but I've spent most of the rest of the day thinking about and praying for my boys. I'm going to see if I can't get in touch with at least some of them to keep tabs on how they are doing. It was definitely a bitter sweet trip.
Yessica, one of my favorite little girls from church, she's got a great story but I'll tell it another day when the blog is not already so long

We ran home quickly to change and drop off Lucy then headed to church. Church went well. I love my kids and the hugs always help cheer me up.

A quick game of marbles before church

Now I'm back home and just finished dinner and the boys are still on my mind. I'm also pretty sure I have some kind of infection. My throat is killing me, so I'm probably going to crash soon. Sorry this wasn't very uplifting but I SO appreciate you guys sharing my life with me. It helps the hard days be a little bit easier. I love you.


Hope said...

Hope you feel better soon!

OK Chick said...

I hope the rest helps. I hope you feel better very fast.

ann said...

Love you! Hope you're feeling better soon.