Monday, September 14, 2009

Near Disaster Averted

Today started off great. Lucy and I took our walk and discovered an evidently terrifying fire hydrant (what kind of dog is terrified of a fire hydrant) and an army man in full camouflage (sp?) and carrying a huge gun guarding the house of a neighboring politician and listening to the wedding march on his cell phone, very interesting. We then came home did some cleaning and started the beans. I left the beans cooking and headed out to Will and Rachel´s new house out in the country. It is really nice and it´s going to be a great get away from the city whenever the noise just gets too much. The boys are already making camping plans. Lucy enjoyed playing with their new pup and Ranger. I enjoyed making plans with Will and Rachel for the future. I´m so excited about the potential for the homeless ministry and I come up with new hairbrained ideas daily to try and help these people.

Upon arriving home I added water to the beans that had gotten a little dry during my hiatus to the country and started the rice. I then proceeded to update my blog list for an hour while I thought the rice was cooking. Noticing the lack of popping noises as the water splashes over the side of the overfilled boiling pot I decided to check out the progress of the rice. GASP!!! No more gas. What are we going to do!? I have to tell you I panicked a bit before reality settled back in. This was not the end of the world. Darwin was gone getting tortillas so I called him and he tried to find more gas. Nothing doing. That takes WAY too long. Nothing is simple. So I say, well I guess we´ll just give them beans. Obviously I am insane. Darwin: "Amber, you CANNOT just give them beans, they won´t eat them. You have to give them something else with it" Me: "Ok, that´s fine, but what should we give them (I´m not buying fried chicken for 75 people)". Darwin: "I don´t know but you better figure out something." LOL this went back and forth for a while when Darwin suggested Mantequilla. Well of course, sour cream is the perfect side dish for beans (insert incredulous look here). Crazy me I was trying to think of something considerably more substantial than sour cream. So that´s what we did and it was a big hit. Everyone enjoyed it. Our only issue was that we didn´t have nearly as much food as normal because of the lack of 8 lbs of rice. But we made due and we didn´t go to the park at the end of the night. God always provides what we need. I am overwhelmed with His blessings.

Lucy is a huge hit with the homeless kids. I think she´s going to really be helpful in gettting them to open up. She´s already been a great conversation starter with several of the new people at the Chimbomba.

Yummy fruit I got at the stadium fruit stand. I love lechas (the little spiky fruit in the bag) and mangos are always a hit. The avocado looking fruit is called Anona and I tried it for the first time tonight. We got 4 of them, 25 lechas, and 2 mangos for $3, not too shabby.

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