Friday, September 04, 2009

LOL I´m trying to start this back up AGAIN.

Hi Everyone!!! I´ve got internet at home now for the first time and I am SOOO excited about. I¨m hoping to be able to blog every night but that may be a little ambitious. I´m also hoping to post at least one picture per post, which will make me more excited about blogging AND encourage me to take more pictures, not that I need the help.

Today was a great day. In the morning I got Arnold enrolled for another semester of college and then went grocery shopping. Grocery shopping is pretty much a daily event here as fresh veggies and fruits go bad after a couple of days and my fridge isn´t the best thing in the world. At 2 we headed up to Mogote to get back in touch with the community. The boys played soccer and I just spent some time visiting some of the families I´ve grown so close to over the years. Then we had church tonight. I had 26 kids in my 8-12 year old class. We talked about Jesus washing the apostles feet and I washed a few of the kids´feet, as time would allow. It was neat to watch their faces as they received this special attention. I plan to continue during coloring time until all the kids get a chance to feel special.

God is so evident in my life right now. I am so thrilled to have such a close relationship with Him. I often find myself thanking Him for things that just a couple of months ago would never have occured to me. Like today after lunch I found myself having a relatively long period of thanksgiving over the existence of cheese. Man, I´m thankful for cheese. And my new stove and my new car. And the past owner of my new car who drove across town last night to replace the fan belt that broke for no charge. I am so blessed.

Here are some funny quotes from today:

The checker at the local ¨Wal-Mart¨ chain- "Are you sure you want these oranges, they are really expensive." Me, laughing, nodding, and taking my 5 oranges at $1.50 a pound. "Yes, I know how much they are, but thanks."

Today I was sitting on a step in Mogote with about 5, 6-8 year old girls braiding my hair, when one of the lighter skinned girls says in a voice of pure disgust, "Ugh, I can´t braid because I´m white. We need a black girl, they are really good at braiding."

As I was getting my hair done one of the girls (who´s name also happens to be Amber) who visits our church sometimes, came by. She´s about 14 and had obviously been in a fight in the past few days. We talked about that for a few minutes and then I asked jokingly, "were your pants in a fight, too?" (her jeans had obviously been cut up on purpose). Girl Amber "No Amber it´s the style, everyone wears pants like this". Me "My pants don´t look like that", Girl Amber, "Yeah but you go to church." (Obviously church goers know nothing about style).

1st Picture of the Day-

This little Angel is the 3 day old niece of Lili, Alis, and Miguel, 3 kids in my Bible class. She won´t have a name for a couple more months, until the family gets to know her (I love this custom). The kids were soo excited for me to come over and take pictures of her. As is typical in Mogote, the mom is 16 and the dad is completely out of the picture. When I asked about him I was told Dad doesn´t even know if she´s a boy or a girl. She makes number 15 in a house about the size of my living room. Pray that she experiences much grace in her dear life.

2nd Picture of the Day-

All the kids checking out Diego (my new vehicle), for the first time. Soon after this I loaded up 19 of them and we drove down to church (just over a block). They were thrilled.

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