Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Wonderful Day and a Torrential Downpour

Beautiful view from the church building right before church started.

Today was a really wonderful day. I woke up early and went on a long walk with Lucy, this is quickly becoming one of my favorite parts of the day. Then I came back and cleaned house and took a nap. It was great. Grocery shopping went smoother than normal and we had a delicious salad for lunch. Lucy is back to 100% she´s finally eating dry dog food in normal amounts. It´s so nice to not be worried about her health anymore.
Having a snack before church

It was a beautiful day all day and then about 15 minutes into the church service it began a torrential downpour. You couldn´t hear the person next to you speak because of the tin roof. It was hilarious. So Bible class was a little backward. It´s a little hard to teach a class when your students can´t hear you. So we flip flopped and colored and snacked first and had the lesson at the end when the rain finally let up. The kids did a great job adjusting to the change in schedule and we had a great night.

Hard at work filling out their "exams" after their Bible story. I never tire of watching them all intent over their Bibles finding the answers. It warms my heart.


ann said...

I LOVE that you're blogging again! :)

Amber said...

Me Too!!

Anonymous said...

how are you?

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