Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Toque de Queda

Toque de queda is basically curfew. The country has been under a curfew since 4:00 pm yesterday afternoon. It was pretty sudden but is a result of ex president Mel deciding to sneak back into the country and hole up in the Brazilian embassy. I'll update on the political situation in my next post right now we'll just do our day.

Today was extremely boring. We slept in and spent a lot of the day nursing on Lucy. She's been really sick lately, really since we brought her home, and today was a good day to give her some extra attention and hopefully she's on the road to recovery. Just before lunch we decided to head out in the car in our neighborhood looking for water. We were out and I would like to avoid boiling the tap water for as long as possible. Luckily we were able to find water at a local pulperia without getting out on any of the major roads and avoided any problems. We're now 15 gallons of drinking water richer. That should hold us for a couple of weeks.

We ate up the last of the meat in the house for lunch so dinner proved interesting. Nothing is open and we're supposed to be staying in our houses so Darwin and I made tortillas from the cornmeal I had in the cupboard. That's right, we made them. Tortillas have proven to be my nemesis in my time in Honduras but today we mastered them, mostly Darwin mastered them, and we made tortillas con quesillo. Yum!

I also went for a walk up to our neighborhood park today. It was a good time to sit and pray over this city that is going through so much tormoil right now. It is eery to watch this busy busy city sit in total silence. Our neighborhood was silent all day, definitely safe. Please continue to pray for this country.

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