Thursday, September 10, 2009

Children´s Day at the Stadium

Well today was a bit stressful with Lucy. She hadn´t really eaten since we brought her home and today she wouldn´t even look at her food or try to eat any of it, and she was real listless. So we finally decided to take her to the vet. The vet looked her over and did some tests and decided she must have eaten something that made her sick. So she´s on medicine now and we´re hoping she´s perked up by tomorrow.
Tonight was a great night. I definitely saw the fruits of some labor. They LOVED the cupcakes. Some of them even tried to trade their dinner for another cupcake. The kids were precious. I wish I had gotten more pictures but there just weren´t enough hands to go around. Tonight a lot of people we hadn´t seen since starting back up came to the stadium. It was so great to see them and know that they are doing okay. Ana, the mom of the little baby from earlier this year, was even there. I was so happy to see her and she promised to bring baby Marlen to see me soon.

We´ve added a new place to our list called Chimbomba, it´s about a mile away and a place where a lot of people are as well. I´ve not ventured to take my camera out there but we´re making new friends. One single mom, who I would guess to be mid 30´s, is living on that corner with her precious little girl, Maria Leticia. Maria Leticia is probably 2 years old and absolutely adorable. I hope to be able to find a way to help them get on their feet.
After we left the Chimbomba we still had food, we came a little late tonight because I was getting the last of the cupcakes together, and I had made extra thinking there would be a lot of people because of the cupcakes (good news travels fast at the stadium) so we went down to a park a few blocks away where we´ve heard there are a lot of kids. There we found several people that we´ve seen at the stadium and several new people. We´re going to try and include all three spots from now on but we´ll see how it goes.

We also found a building for sale very close to Chimbomba which I plan on calling about tomorrow. It would be a great central location for a feeding center and eventually a homeless shelter. Please keep these plans in your prayers.

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