Saturday, September 12, 2009

Garage Sale?

Today we had our first ever Mogote Church of Christ Garage Sale, and it went fantastically. I was only there in the morning, I had to come home and cook for the stadium, but I was very impressed with the turn out. The majority of the church was there either selling donated items or the food they had prepared or helping clean up around the building. It was so neat to watch our church truly acting like the family we are all called to be as Christians. I´m not sure how much was raised for the Women´s Conference next spring but I know that much was earned in the name of Christ for our church family today.

Lucy Meeting the kids at church

Darwin was adorable this afternoon. We were watching Will and Rachel´s new boxer pup, Cazadora (Hunter), and all three of them fell asleep on the front porch. It was adorable.

Tonight at the stadium went great. When we were at the Chimbomba a guy came up and asked me if I could find a place for them to learn a trade and do something different with their lives. I can feel God´s gentle prodding telling me to step out in faith. I need to get on the phone and start figuring out how to get this ball rolling. Thanks Jorge for the jumpstart.


Hope said...

The picture of Darwin and the pups is SO cute. You need to frame that one.

Amber said...

It´s so cute because it really is genuine. I thought it was adorable.