Friday, September 25, 2009

Fun in Mogote

Steven, Marla, and I - These babies and so special to me.
I've watched them grow up since birth

Darwin and Ariel started to go nuts yesterday. They really have a hard time just staying in the house, as any healthy teenager should. Last night I was on the computer when I noticed the boys wandering in and out and giggling. Turns out they had rigged up the for sale sign from our house behind my head and were making jokes about trying to sell me off since I wouldn't let them out of the house. Mogote is in the middle of an area where there were several demonstrations so I wasn't in any big hurry to run up there or send my kids there. But today we decided to check it out. We saw a lot of signs of demonstrations from earlier days along the roads but didn't have any trouble. It was fun to visit with the kids I love so much and let the boys visit their family and girlfriends. Things continue to be fairly up in the air with the government.
How can you not love these faces?
Today Mel accused the police of trying to poison him by introducing toxic gases into the area. No one knows if that's true. It seems a little extreme to me but at this point knowing the truth about anything is fairly difficult in this situation. Both sides are starting rumors and doing things that are questionable. I pray for a peaceful resolution to this problem but I'm at a loss as to what that would be. Please continue to pray for safety and peace.
Naidalyn, Enma, and Michelle - Don't they look like trouble :)
Antonio - Crazy kiddo
Sweet Hadi - Yessenia's little girl

Matthew and his sister (who's name I can NEVER remember) - Francis' kids

The boys playing with Lucy

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