Saturday, September 05, 2009

A Sweet Little Helper

Daily Photos

Tonight Will and Rachel weren´t able to join us and Ariel was in Mogote playing soccer so it was just Darwin and I down at the stadium. We usually have someone doing water, someone dishing up the food and someone passing out the tortillas and forks but with just two of us Darwin took water duty and I was covering the rest. It didn´t take long for 6-year-old Tatiana to show up and become our helper. She was so proud of being able to hand out the tortillas and would watch up the street and squeal "another one" everytime she saw someone coming. She was definitely a joy to work with and really a big help. We are hoping to take the little kids on an outing within the next week or so, so please pray for wisdom and a successful trip.
I am now buying the rice and beans in 100 pound sacks and I don´t have a kitchen scale so I´m still working out exactly how much I need to cook. Today I ended up cooking a bit more than necessary and being Saturday, our numbers were a little down. Soo...we had about half a pot of beans left and everyone had eaten. We´ve often heard of another place down farther into the city where there are a lot of street people and have wondered about going. We were hesitant to enter such a populated area without knowing how many people would show up, but today we decided to take what was left and try it out. It was still early and daylight, which is definitely the safest time to go. So we ventured down the one way streets and finally found the place we´d heard about. We did a couple of drive by passes to be sure we felt safe then we pulled over to the curb and Darwin went to check things out. There weren´t nearly as many people as we had imagined (part of that was being saturday and part of that was being early) but we were able to very successfully give away the rest of our food and begin some new friendships. Hopefully this will become another regular stop for us. Pray for these new friends and our ability to reach out to them with wisdom and faith.

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