Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Situation in Honduras

Things in Honduras are crazy. Ex president Mel Zelaya came back into the country on Monday and is staying inside the Brazilian Embassy. The current government is saying that if he leaves the embassy he will be arrested. I don't really know who's side I'm on in the situation but I do know that if they arrest Mel things are going to go nuts. Things are already pretty crazy in certain areas of the city. Both Mel supporters and police officers breaking up the protests are being very violent to each other and the property around them. There was a major protest in front of Baxter this evening, I haven't seen pictures but I hear it was pretty bad. Will and Rachel are at their home in the country and the boys and I are at our home here. There is no violence anywhere near our homes and we're staying there until things are more predictable. We've been on curfew since 4pm yesterday and they just extended through 6pm tomorrow. Here are a few blogs that are good at keeping up with news and keeping people informed. I will try and do the same.

www.elheraldo.hn (this is in spanish, it's one of the local newspapers)

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Please stay safe!