Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Saturday's Post

I continue to try and get over this sickness even today (Tuesday) but luckily my energy level has come way up. On Saturday I was a little stir crazy but still not too energetic so I decided to make some cookies. These lovely ladies came out of MY oven. Any of you that have experienced the broiled cookies, or the toaster oven cookies, these are a huge improvement.

We've started visiting 3 different places for the homeless feeding which has led to an increase in our rice and bean levels. I think I'm going to have to buy another pot for the rice. We almost overflowed this time. The food will no longer fit in our big pot so we take it in this plastic box. So far it's holding up well against the heat of the beans.

At the stadium we saw Marta and Suyapa, two ladies that we've been hoping to see since coming back. I think we've finally seen all of our friends from before we left. It is so great to see everyone and make sure that they are doing ok. It was a great night and we had no problem getting rid of all our extra food. I think we even had some people show up once it was gone so we may be incrementing again. We called about the building near Chimbomba and they are asking $600,000 for it. That is definitely WAY out of the question, so we continue to look for a center where we can more fully meet the needs of our friends.


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