Sunday, September 06, 2009

Just Your Typical 4 o´clock Church Day

My class meeting outside on the porch on Sundays until we have lights in the kitchen area. We have Baxter students teaching the youth boys and girls seperately taking up all the class space. What an AMAZING problem to have!!

Hard at work on their craft.
This little girl, Karla, was absolutely precious praying in Bible class. She should really be in Rachel´s class but wouldn´t go to class without her sister. She did a wonderful job.

Have I mentioned I LOVE having church at 4 in the afternoon. It is so relaxing. I slept in this morning then spent some time preparing for Bible class and cleaned my garage. We´re puppy shopping tomorrow so we´ve got to get the house puppy proof before the new little comes home. Then it was off to church. On Sundays now my class is out on the porch because we have TOO MANY classes. I didn´t think that would ever happen. I think we had about 20 kids in class and poor Brian was the only boy. Most of the boys that are typically in my class are a little bit older and go to the boy´s youth class on Sunday. Class went great and after church we made plans for our children´s day celebration on Sunday (this is bigger than Christmas here). I´m going to be making 100 cupcakes and at least one sheet cake for the celebration. It´s sure to be exciting. From there the boys and I went to Palacio Real, the kids´favorite chinese restaurant. It was delicious and it was great fun to listen to the kids laugh and talk about their weekend. The time apart was hard but it seems to have broughten (brung?, I´m not sure what is the right word here or if broughten is even a word LOL) us much closer.

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