Friday, September 25, 2009

Should I feel guilty?

Living room...
Well I finished painting the kitchen and the big wall in the living room finally. The green really didn't cover very well so it ended up with 2 coats and then touch ups. Suprisingly the lavender (which looks grey in the pics) covered REALLY well. We've still got to get the ladder back out and take all the tape off of the ceiling but other than that it's all FINISHED! It definitely took longer than I thought but I'm really happy with it.

Kitchen Before...
Kitchen After... (sorry the lighting in my kitchen is awful)
Yesterday I made some really yummy chicken noodle soup and rolls, then today I made baked potato soup (sorry no pics) and Lucy is doing much much better, as am I.

Which brings us to the reason for the title of this blog....I'm really enjoying just being a mom and decorating my house and cooking yummy food. I definitely don't want this to go on forever, especially since the reason for it is crazy unpredictable turmoil in the country, but I'm really not having any stress about it. And there's definitely a part of me that feels like I should be. I LOVE what I do and the people I work with but this time at home really makes me long for the life of a stay at home mom. It's something I struggle with off and on and I'm beginning to think that maybe the reason I don't have a "significant other" in my life is because I would so happily fulfill that role. God obviously has plans for me here and I'm so blessed that he is showing me the path he has for my life.

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